Winter Driving Tips For Truckers

winter driving

Trucks are at greater risk for accidents, yet winter weather will increase that risk more. Being knowledgeable of the things you should and not do for a winter driving trip will help you stay safe no matter how cold and icy the weather is.

Here are some of the winter driving tips that every truck driver should know:

Slow Down

Majority of accidents happen when drivers do not adjust their speed in accordance to the conditions of the roads. While driving on snow-covered roads, you might have to compensate for poor traction through decreasing the speed. If not, you could very well end up in a ditch need to be winched out. In addition to that, going slow would also provide you more time to reach once something goes wrong. Therefore, you should be extra easy with accelerator during winter.

Inspect Your Truck Before Heading to Your Destination

It is very important to get your truck inspected to prevent major issues. Check anti-freeze levels fastidiously, engine oil, and tire pressure before hitting the road. You may also have an expert inspect your truck for winter to ensure that it is ready to withstand wear and tear.

Stay Smooth

During cold weather, you must try harder to refrain from doing something sudden. You should avoid sudden cornering, acceleration, braking, and so on. If your situation requires you to slow down on the slick road, pump the brakes lightly. The key is to keep consistent speed and avoid some things that reduce the traction on slippery roads. This will help you avoid needing accident towing of your damaged truck.

Give Extra Space for Yourself

Did you know that stopping distance on wet road is twice your usual stopping distance? On the icy roads, it is almost ten times. Therefore, leave lots of room between your truck and vehicle in your front so you’ll have enough space to move out of the harm’s way in case of an unpredictable situation.

Pay Importance to Light

Visibility is very poor in an inclement weather condition. Thus, never forget to turn on your truck’s headlights. It will let some drivers to see you and keep safe distance from the truck you’re driving.

Pay Attention to Tire Spray

It’s one of the most essential winter driving tips. But, it’s also one of the commonly forgotten. The best way to evaluate the road condition is observing the water that comes off the tires of your vehicles. If there is a lot of water sprayed, roads are absolutely wet. If tire spray is less, this only means that roadway has begun to freeze and you have to exercise extra caution.

Whenever You’re in Doubt, Consider Pulling Over

If weather conditions are too dangerous to drive, never think of your schedule too much and look for a safe way to get off the road. Then, wait until the weather improves.

Those winter driving tips are simple, yet they’ll only work once you follow them carefully. It is up to you on how you will implement those tips. Just make sure to keep those in mind when driving a truck during winter.

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